The Manifesto

WARNING: The following pages will expose you to a COMPLETELY different way you think about forex trading. There is no other place where this information is shared. Proceed with caution (side effects include making a s#it load of money).

That’s right.

Most of the forex traders around the globe, actually lose money.

99% to be exact.

No surprise here.

How is this even possible?

Based on my own experience and the experience of my own students, most traders step into trading with the wrong foot.

There is a pattern of wrong thinking that is consistent among all wanna-be traders, and affects their results without end.

Unless you KNEW what the problem is, and “fix” it from the core, nothing will ever change.

That is just reality.

I am sure your own trading results shows it.

Months gone by, and you can’t see 3 months positive in a row. Blown accounts every now and then.

Losses are always bigger than your wins. Not being able to trade ONE system well.

Frustrating. I know it. I have been there also.

The good news is that, your current state can change in a second.


In just one second, once you realize the fundamental truths about trading, everything can change.

That’s how I got it!

And luckily for you, not only today I’m going to share with you WHY 99% of traders lose money, but also I will hand to you a FULL STEP BY STEP SYSTEM designed to turn you into a professional, consistent, profitable trader in only a few weeks (for free).

That’s the SAME system I personally use to get 70-100% ROI every year to my Investors in my Fund (more on this later).

No B.S. here.

Before we get into it, let me introduce you to two people.

They are not real, fresh and blood people, but they represent two models on how ALL traders operate.

You are currently one of them.

Which one? Read this page and find out…

Just know one thing: One of them struggles to make money trading, and the other one, well, CRUSHES IT.

Meet David

“Hi, my name is David, and I (try) to make money trading forex! I am passionate about trading, and although I am an expert on technical analysis, Elliot waves, ichimoku cloud, and many tools, I can’t seem to make any money.

I tried every trading system under the sun, but eventually, I get some losing trades and just look for a “better” one. I spent 1000 hours digging on forums but still can’t find the Holy Grail!

In fact, nowadays I try to trade 4 different systems at the same time, with 5 different indicators and 4 timeframes. Surely I’m going to get more winning trades. Right?

Stop-loss? What’s That? My broker told me it’s for losers when I trade the news on the 5m chart. Yesterday the NFP was out and spreads went from 0.1 in the EUR/USD to 60 pips. Got a bad fill and lost 37% of my account 🙁

On top of this I can’t sleep well. Every 2 hours I wake up to check on my trades on my computer. This is really harming my health!

Maybe if I follow 4 signal services at the same time I will be able to quit my job in two months…

I wonder why this things happen to me and how the Pro’s actually make money trading…

People CAN make money Trading, right??? ”

Meet Tyler

“Hi, my name is Tyler. I used to struggle a lot with trading, tried all the systems on planet earth, and lost a lot of time and money.

It all changed when I learned some fundamental truths about trading, and now I trade from the comfort of my home, making around 20-50% every quarter, consistently, year after year.

I just follow ONE system, based on the simple truths Pro traders follow to profit from the FX market.

I also spend minimal time with my computer, so I can enjoy time with my family and friends…

Regular job? I pass.

My net worth is growing almost on autopilot. Funny thing is now I spend a lot less time than before looking at charts, and my system is so simple, it’s laughable. 

But that is how it’s done, and it is paying off massively for me.

Becoming a Professional, Consistent, Profitable Trader it’s the best thing that happened to me in my life for sure.”

Brief Backstory

It was 2011, and I was working at a major bank as a financial analyst at the time.

With an accounting background from college, I really liked the environment, but of course, I hated being there in the office, with a boss telling me what to do.

It was my dream to quit my job and trade for a living, that was ALL I could think of, all day long.

I was planning to do so, trading on the side, and when things go well, I would come to the office and yell “I’m done!”.

But it happened before as I expected.

MUCH sooner.

I got fired one day, without any note, without a sign.

“Unstable Economic Environment” they told me.



I went home that day, and I knew there were two ways to go:

  1. Try to get into another “death box” (aka regular job)

  2. Take up some capital and go for my dream, trading for a living.

I was scared, but hey, sometimes sh#it happens for a reason.

I added some capital to my (already loser) brokerage account, set money aside to cover my expenses for 6 months, and went after it.

I was REALLY optimistic, and VERY scared at the same time.

Sadly, at that time without knowing it, I started “operating” like a David full time.

The David Role

At the time, only 3 things where certain:

  1. I will die one day.

  2. I couldn’t end a month with a positive return (not even a few % points)

  3. there will always be another “new trading system” to try, every week.

I really needed to make money.

If not, I would have to get a regular job again.

No thank you…

So the journey started.

I would learn a new trading system, apply it, and as soon as I got a few losing trades, I ALWAYS said:

“Oh boy, there is something wrong with my system. It no longer works. Maybe market conditions ain’t right. Let’s try another one. A better one.”

And the search for the holy grail began…

I would go into useless “trading forums” full of other loser traders.

Took all the courses on the internet I could find.

Followed the 1 min chart like “some guys” say on YouTube with 2 Ferraris in the background (Day Trading + Ferraris = Riches, right?).

Watched documentaries and interviews on famous past traders.

Read every single book on trading systems available on Amazon.


I tried systems like:

  • Elliot Waves

  • “Naked” Price Action Trading

  • Double Tops And Double Bottoms Trading

  • Ichimoku Clouds Breakouts

  • The 1 Hour candle “London Open” Straddle

  • NFP announcement trading (does anybody ever made a penny with this?)

  • “Catching” trends in the 5 min chart for hours without end

  • Moving-Averages Crossovers (until my chart looked like a rainbow)

  • Fractal breakouts ( Bill Williams style )

  • Trendline break trading

Not to mention the “black box” software that “makes 200 trades per second on autopilot and 3589% ROI in 22 hours”

Signal “let’s get rich together” services?

Yeah, right.

You name it.

If there was another way to trade, I was certainly doing it.

Every time I went on with a new system, a few losing trades came, and of course:

“My system was FLAWED”

So the search for the holy grail never ended.

During this phase, my account equity was slowly going down.

Bit by bit.

Every week that went by, I was deeper in the red, and the scarier I got.

I was an expert analyzing charts, applied every technique I knew, but had NO RESULTS TO SHOW.

Wanna know what a typical day of mine sounded like?

“No way. The Euro should go up, look at the trend line. It is also starting Wave 3, and the 15 minute chart just started trending higher. The ichimoku supports my view. What is happening?”

I got ANGRY.

Revenge trading was becoming a habit. So was losing money.

Money Management Plan?


I never knew precisely how much money I was risking, against how much I could earn on any given trade.

Big mistake.


I was inside this circle of self-destruction, and I couldn’t see the light.

Every time I lost some money, going to Forums and buying new courses was the norm.

A new system was popping over my screen everyday.

“99% accurate, and can double your account every 5 days. Became a millionaire in 3 months!”

Yeah, right.

And there always was SOMETHING new to try.

Every time.

It went down like this:


4 months went by, and I was F###ED.

The time to go back to my “die-slow” life was near.

I couldn’t go back!

My emotions where eating me up.

I lived inside a cocktail made of fear, greed and anger.

My equity curve was clearly evidence of it.

Until one day, everything changed.

I was reading “Trading In The Zone, by Mark Douglas” (If you haven’t read it, pick up a copy RIGHT NOW.)

And I saw this:

And then, my mind clicked.

My life changed.

The Tyler Role

At that moment, I felt HOPE invaded my mind and body.

Of course!

Why didn’t I saw that earlier?

There is NO “perfect system”, or “holy grail”.

Trading is about executing an edge.

An edge is simply a higher probability of something happening over another. (more on this later…)

I didn’t have to KNOW was happening next.

I didn’t have to PREDICT anything.

I just have to EXECUTE my trading system, CONSISTENTLY.

Whenever I place a trade, If my possible gain is bigger than my possible loss, and I am right only 50% of the time, I was going to make money overtime.

Let me give you an example.

If you trade with a 1:2 risk reward ratio, risking $200 on every trade, and you win 50% of the time (VERY achievable):

You WILL be making $100 every time you place a trade, REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME (win vs loss).

You can have losing trades in a row, even big drawdowns, but over a series of trades your edge plays out, and you make money.

This is called POSITIVE EXPECTANCY.(we will expand on this VERY important topic later…)

Having an EDGE.

Being CONSISTENT with your trading strategy.

Just like casinos make money (more on this later).

That was EXACTLY what I did at the time.

When I changed my mind on how I approached trading, everything changed.

At this point, I realized my trading system, didn’t have to be complex.

Not at all.

In fact, when I understood trading this way, A SIMPLER TRADING SYSTEM MADE MAKING MONEY EASIER.



Let that sink in.



I started to trade LESS, followed the higher time frames, spent less time at the computer, and have a much CLEAR mind to approach trading. (Result: Easier To Make Money)

I stopped trying to catch the “news breakout” in the US and London overlap.

I stopped drawing endless lines, until I couldn’t see the candlesticks anymore.

I stopped trying to “guess” whether that is a “Wave 3 or an extended 5th” (for Elliot Waves psychos only).

I stopped analyzing the market form 6 different trading systems to “see if they all agree with my direction”.

I stopped spending time in useless forums talking to other losing traders.

I quitted following this “young, rich, day-traders” with Lambos, Ferraris everywhere.

I understood the power and simplicity behind the higher time frame trends.

Executing my edge became easier.

Which equals to making a SH#T LOAD OF MONEY.


Check out my account results in the final 2 months before my “back-to-normal-life” deadline:

When you understand how trading works, AMAZING things can happen.

I started to accumulate a great track record in a very few months.

I got funding and started to manage OPM (other people’s money).

Now, did I become a multi-millionaire?

Of course not.

I don’t have to lie to you.

Contrary to popular belief, trading with HUGE sums of money is something few people in planet earth can handle.

For example:

The good news, you don’t NEED to be like this guys.

Having an awesome track record (even if you started with 2-3k or so), and USING IT to seek investors, is enough for you to earn several 5 FIGURES a month income.

This is something you CAN do.

It’s not impossible.

I do it for a living! (check out my Fund (1% FX Capital) by clicking here).

Or you could compound your own money if you don’t want investors.

You could be making A LOT of money from your trading efforts, while enjoying a non-stressful life.

The choice is yours.


Getting positive returns every quarter, and achieving triple digit returns every year is “another day at the office” for Tyler’s.

They trade CALM.


They are methodic.

They understand trading is a numbers game.

They don’t have to predict the future of price.

They don’t go “system hopping” or looking for the “holy grail”.

They know better.

Successful Tyler’s understand the “2 Keys To Profitable Trading”

  1. Trading is all about executing your statistical edge, consistently.

  2. Trading systems should be SIMPLE to execute your edge flawlessly.

They understand “less is more”.

They understand you should always follow the higher time frames.

This are the STRONGEST trends that MOVE the markets (more on this later).

This is not just me.

There are lot’s of Tyler’s around the world.

Here are some of them:

  • Richard Dennis, who turned $400 into 200 Million (not a typo), said:

“If you take something that has a 53 percent chance of working each time, over the long run there is a 100 percent chance of it working.”

He clearly understood trading is a numbers game, and made a FORTUNE in the way.

  • Meet Ed Seykota, (who achieved a return of 250000% over a 16 year period and one of the best traders alive) said:

“In order of importance to me are: (1) the long-term trend, (2) the current chart pattern, and (3) picking a good spot to buy or sell. Those are the three primary component of my trading.”

Ed clearly understood the power of following higher time frames, and keeping his trading system SIMPLE.

  • Paul Tudor Jones, who pulls double-digit returns from a 10 BILLION dollar fund, said:

“I don’t really care about the mistakes I made three seconds ago in the market. What I care about is what I am going to do from the next moment on. I try to avoid any emotional attachment to a market.”

He understands trading is all about executing an edge, and remain EMOTIONLESS regarding the outcome.

By the way, we don’t have to resort to big names to prove my point.

Look no further from my own students!

Check out some of their results following everything taught inside my Academy:

Jason Clark (Denver CO, USA) made 67% ROI in 4 months.

Jeannot Tempels came off a big drawdown with a 55% Gain in a matter of days following the methods taught inside the Academy.

I could go on and on for days.

I hope by now you see the point.

It requires a SMALL change in your mind to change your reality.

Like turning on a “switch”.

And if you want to make this SHIFT (from the struggling trader “David”, to the money-making “Tyler”), there is hope.

In fact, today is your lucky day.

I’m going to share with you a simple step-by-step system to trade, and start making money NOW.

I will show you how to replicate my early success, and follow what other Tyler’s around the world are doing.

But first, we have to dig deeper on the “2 Keys To Profitable Trading”.

They will lay the foundation for you to be able to execute the system properly (and make s#it loads of money).

Let’s begin.