The Manifesto

Profit From The
"Whale-Trade" Effect

The “Whale-Trade” Effect is the major underlying force that governs the Forex Market, and my proprietary system makes use of this “force” to point me to HUGE trades that get me consistent 7%, 8%, and up to 14% R.O.I. with JUST ONE trade…  all while trading 5-15 minutes/day.

Hey, Phil Guirao here.

You might be aware, most forex traders around the globe actually lose money.

99% to be exact.

No surprise here.

How is this even possible?

Based on almost a decade of trading experience, there is a pattern of wrong thinking and approach that is consistent among all “Wannabe” traders, and affects their results without end.

Unless they KNEW what the problem is, and “fix” it from the core, nothing will ever change.

That is just reality, and chances are you might be one of them. 

I am sure your own trading results shows it.

Months gone by, and you can’t see 3 months positive in a row. 

Consistent profits are something you only dream about.

You’ve been through 10 different systems, but nothing seems to work long-term.

You can’t hold on trades before fear takes over you, and dumb trading decisions are made.

Frustrating. I know it. I’ve been there also.

One of the problems is that the majority of traders try to trade without understanding (or not even being aware) of the MAJOR FORCES that govern the FX market.

These “forces” shape ALL trends and movements you see on your charts everyday, and all these “Wannabes” try to apply all these different systems and techniques that goes AGAINST these major forces…

And the result is blown accounts, and NEVER being able to make a dime trading forex (let alone fulfill everybody’s dream of trading for a living…).

Well, those old days are over for you.

Luckily for you today, I will show you my proprietary, step-by-step system to generate consistent returns and income from the markets, built and governed by the powerful “Whale-Trade” Effect.

You’ll be able to extract profits like clockwork and FINALLY make a living from your trading (even if you start with just a couple thousand).

That’s the SAME system I personally use to trade for my Investors in my Fund, and 100’s of students are using to profit from the markets and live off their trading efforts. 

You might saw some trading results of one of my accounts at the top of this page…

The best part is this JUST requires trading 5-10 minutes per day, taking advantage of the “Whale-Trade Effect”.

You might be thinking “What’s that?”.

Well, it’s part of the “secret sauce” behind my proprietary system. 

It’s also the major FORCE that explains HOW the forex market really works (stuff nobody wants you to know…).

My system points out at me to big trades, triggered and followed by the “Whale-Trade” Effect, giving me consistent 8%, 9%, and even 14% gainers in a SINGLE TRADE.

Think about it… how many trades do you have to make in order to gain 12% in your account? 10? 20? 100?

Check out some of these “Whale-Trades” for yourself:

That’s how you GROW a trading account, generating consistent profits along the way.

Notice that there are losing trades there… and that’s OK. Unlike most “wannabe” traders believe, LOSERS are part of the process!

You CAN’T avoid losses. HOW you manage losses is what matters. In fact they are KEY to grow your account consistently (more on this later…).

Forget about spending 8 hours/day, glued to your charts trying to catch the “NFP Breakout”… Or scalping for 3-4 pips/day… thinking you could make consistent income from that.

There is a (much) better way.

And I’m going to show you how to learn and apply all of this for yourself.

Now you might ask: “Who is this Phil guy?”

I’m a professional, full time forex trader and Money Manager, trading for my investors for nearly 6 years now.

That might sound fancy, but I’m just a guy with nearly a decade of Forex Trading experience, who once was standing in your shoes.

For nearly 2 years since 2009 I gave myself to fulfill my dream of becoming a trader and FINALLY quit my depressing job, being able to TRADE FOR A LIVING.

Being able to be FREE and once and for all live my life on MY terms.

After being fed BS from all trading “educators” out there, and many trial and error (which involves blowing multiple accounts and losing up to $ 40.000 of my own money), I UNDERSTOOD the forces behind the Forex market.

And most importantly, I discovered how to PROFIT from those forces (hence my trading system and the “Whale-Trade” effect I will show you later in detail…).

Nowadays I trade for myself with multiple accounts (at the top of the page is one of them) and trade for my investors as a Fund Manager at 1% FX Capital, fulfilling my dream of being able to live off my trading efforts.

Not only I’m requested to teach from the stage to hundreds of people at a time, I also have my YouTube Channel where THOUSANDS of people from 130+ countries come together every Saturday to watch my Weekly Analysis.

This is not to brag…

Just to show you that everything I will be sharing with you WORKS.

The reason WHY I want to share everything I learned from ALL I’ve been through, is simple:

I want YOU to avoid all the mistakes I went through (including losing tens of thousands of $), and show you HOW you can take the shortcut to be able to live off your trading efforts and become financially independent (without going through a decade of trial and error like myself).

And here is my point: If I made my dream of trading-for-a-living a reality (with enough effort and hard work), YOU can do it too!

Now before we begin and share with you my proven, proprietary trading system and how you can profit from the “Whale-Trade Effect”, I need YOU to understand HOW and WHY 99% of traders lose money…

I’m sure you’ve been through many systems, trying to get consistent profits from the markets, only to lose money at the end of the day…

And I’m pretty sure trading feels like a rollercoaster for you.. always being afraid when your stop loss is about to get hit… or NOT TRUSTING your take-profit and getting out early, leaving profits on the table…

Make some money BUT you always “give profits back to the market”… 

And the result of this rollercoaster is nothing but burning cash or worse, wiping whole accounts again and again…

You see, after a decade of being a successful trader and being in touch with 100’s of frustrated traders, I can tell you there are deeper reasons why most traders simply fail…

You first must be AWARE of these problems in order to overcome them, so THEN you can apply the system I’ll give you.

This is essential, if you don’t “get” this, it doesn’t matter if I share with you the rules of my system in a silver plate.

YOU just won’t be able to make it work for you, let alone generate CONSISTENT PROFITS so you can kick your boss in the butt…

So let’s better get started.

Buckle up and follow me…

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