“It’s been tough. Not easy. An emotional rollercoaster at first. But it’s done. I am now profiting CONSISTENTLY form the markets every month!”.

I felt how deep the emotion was in him. I even saw a tear dropping form his eye…

Never seen him like this before.

Now onto the good stuff“Show me what you’ve done!” I said.

And he started to show me everything.

He started saying what I was expecting to hear first… (pay attention here!)

“I get it now. Trading is NOT about looking for the “perfect system” or messing around trying to trade the 5 min chart trying to catch the news, or trading with multiple systems at the same time”.

“I now understand the huge piece I was missing: Trading alongside the major forces that drive the markets!”.

THEN it clicked on him. The shift.

Let’s go slowly here.

As you see, there are MAJOR FORCES that drive the FX market… those forces that generate and drive TRENDS in the long term… moving like an unstoppable freight train.

If you don’t trade with THIS forces, you are unlikely to ever make money trading Forex. Guaranteed (I will show you how to make this happen, taking advantage from the “Whale-Trade Effect”).

Now second, he started to apply his trading methodology with a statistical EDGE.

An edge is simply a higher probability of something happening over another. (more on this later…)

This means My friend Jason didn’t have to worry about losing trades, finding the “holy grail”, or being grieved with anger, greed and fear running through his veins.

Far away are the days of getting out early from trades because of FEAR, or gambling precious capital after getting some losing trades to recoup what was lost…

He just had to EXECUTE his trading system (following the “Whale-Trade Effect” principle), along with his risk/money management and trading psychology systems, and ALL of them working together, result in CONSISTENT EQUITY GROWTH.

“And your trading methodology… I am making 10x the profits, with 20% the effort I was putting before”. He said.

That’s right.

He stopped trying to catch the “news breakout” in the US and London overlap.

He stopped trying to “guess” whether that is a “Wave 3 or an extended 5th” (for Elliot Waves psychos only).

He stopped analyzing the market form 6 different trading systems to “see if they all agree with his direction”.

He stopped spending time in useless forums talking to other losing traders!

Suddenly everything SHIFTED for him…

He abandoned the “Wannabe” model of trading (for good), and transition on the MOST profitable and efficient approach to trading…

He SHIFTED from focusing on looking for the “perfect” trading system and getting “over-EMOTIONAL” with his trades (and blowing accounts), to focusing on EXECUTING A PROVEN SYSTEM based on the UNDERLYING REALITY of the markets, putting the ODDS in his favor.

He later grew his (relatively small) 4.5k account, using my “Equity-Growth Accelerator Blueprint” (which I will show you later) and after JUST 3.5 years he was pulling 5-10k consistent monthly income on average…

No more boss… No more silly job.

I’m really proud of him to this day.

Remember how the “Wannabes” approach systems thinking to their trading?

Well, to contrast, my friend Jason and myself approach trading in a VERY different way…

Now I present you my proprietary trading system, designed and engineered to generate CONSISTENT profits, alongside stable and PREDICTABLE equity growth…

The same I use to trade for my investors, and took me YEARS to develop (let alone remind you the 40k+ I lost blowing accounts 9 years ago…)

The same system that gave me the ability to make a living from my trading efforts years ago…

You’ve already seen some INSANE results it produces.

And now I give it to you. I present you the “3E Trading System”:

There are 3 engines that you need to put at work to generate consistent profits at a MAXIMUM scale with the MOST leverage CONSISTENTLY.

The “Whale-Trade Engine”, the “Expectancy Engine”, and the the “Mindset Engine”.

Now I’m going to show you how to apply it for your own benefit, so you can start growing your account consistently, generating stable and predictable profits and income along the way.

You will STOP being another “Wannabe” trying to profit form the markets and only have blown accounts to show…

No more “emotional” rollercoaster with your trading activity…

You are going to finally be able to generate CONSISTENT profits, grow your account FAST, and reclaim your freedom to fulfill your dreams.

That’s what I did, and you will be able to do it also.

But first, I need to show you the principles behind it, and WHY it works like magic, and what separates it from all the stuff you see around the internet and losing traders around the world.

There is a lot to learn, and you will see some mind BLOWING stuff along the way.

Stuff that ALL traders plainly ignore… and it’s just hidden at plain sight.

Hope you are exited. This will change your life as a trader forever.


Let’s start with my trading methodology, and how to take BIG winners to grow your account and generate consistent profits, adding up to 12% to your account with just ONE trade…

Let’s dig into the “Whale-Trade Engine” first…

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