Expectancy Engine

Now, I’m going to show YOU the true “profit generating” engine of the “3E Trading System”.

Once you understand this, be warned, you will never approach FX trading the same way.

And that includes turning from losing your hard-earned money, to GROWING your capital CONSISTENTLY.

This is the real reason why most “Wannabes” around the world can’t seem to make money.

When they make some profits, and then lose it all (plus some more) they feel “they are giving profits back”.

Or get over-emotional on an open position, thinking they are on a PERFECT trade, and it “shouldn’t go wrong”

Only to manage the trade based on FEAR, which only leads to burned cash.

That’s because they don’t know anything about expectancy, and trading with an edge.

Losing trades is NOT a bad thing… and you just CAN’T avoid them!

Let me tell you some truth… you’ll NEVER be able to get a “system” that has a 100% winning rate.

Never. So get out of this fairy tale.

What we CAN do, is use this inevitable fact from forex trading, and use it to our advantage.

Yes, I will show you how you can grow your account CONSISTENTLY, even while getting losing trades.

This might seem complex, so now we are “going over to Las Vegas” to show you the TRUE POWER of the principles behind the “Expectancy Engine”.

Let’s see how casinos make money.

This is very important for you as a trader, as you will see, you can learn A LOT from casino owners.

Let’s take Roulette again, for example.

To keep things simple, let’s start with betting on colors, RED or BLACK.

The payout is 1 to 1, meaning for every $100 dollars you bet (risk), you possibly earn the same $100.

You might think, as many people do, that betting on colors is a 50% chance of winning. That is common sense as HOW the board is presented to the “audience”.


But what you don’t see (as many people do), is the “0” and “00”. They are GREEN!!

Why would they add 2 more slots to the existing 36, where every slot is RED or BLACK, but only two of them are GREEN?

This is what gives the casino a winning edge.

By adding this two numbers, the probabilities of a given color to win is 47,4%, NOT 50%!!!

How this can change things you say?

Well, if you:

Lose MORE than half of your bets (47,4% Probability), and every single time you win you earn exactly what you risked (1:1 Payout ratio), you are losing money on the long run, no matter how much money you pour into it.

This means the casino owner knows that every time someone comes to the Roulette and bets money, HE IS WINNING IN EVERY SINGLE SPIN (on average).

Sometimes people earn money and the casino loses, but on the long run, the STATISTICS ARE ON THE HOUSE SIDE.

They are operating with POSITIVE EXPECTANCY.

This means a casino is earning money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Take a look on this Monte Carlo Simulations, where in all the scenarios we start with $ 1.000 and bet $ 50 on RED or BLACK, 100 times (spins), consistently, based on the Roulette rules.

When the casino is operating with POSITIVE EXPECTANCY, they make money on the long run, guaranteed.

This is just analyzing the “odds” on Roulette colors only. The deeper you go (rows, 12’s, single numbers) the WORST it becomes (but the BETTER it goes for the House!).

This happens in EVERY single “game” casino’s offers.

No wonder they are the most brutal “24/7 ca$h generators” in the planet.

"Trade Like A Casino"

I hope by now some GREAT ideas are flowing into your brain.

I just gave you a perfect example of the POWER of having a statistical advantage.

An edge.

What if I told you you could apply this principles in your trading?

What if I told you, you could trade and make money just like a casino owner?

I just named a couple of VERY important topics and elements: Edge, Positive Expectancy, Statistical Advantage, etc.

What do all of them have in common?

Those are elements that when put together the RIGHT way, constitute the true PROFIT GENERATING POWERHOUSE which I call the “Expectancy Engine”.

Would you like to see REAL WORLD trading, where I put my “Expectancy Engine” to work, just like a casino owner does?

Check out my some of my trading stats (from the account I showed you in the first page), and see how I’m PROFITING just like a casino owner, growing my account every month:


Look at the success rate (over 60%), the properly executed Risk-to-reward ratio, properly controlling position sizing (how much I risk per trade), properly compounding gains, etc.

These are all components that when properly executed together, can really GROW your account 24/7, just like a casino owner does.

I will show you later how YOU can set everything up and start trading with positive expectancy on your side.

With my “Expectancy Engine” you will get the right risk % amount for YOU, the best Risk-to-Reward ratio to use, how to COMPOUND your profits correctly, and most importantly WHEN to adjust the risk amount…

No longer the days of not knowing how much you are risking one very trade.

No more feeling emotional when price is near (or takes out) your stop loss.

You’ll be in CONTROL of your MONEY AT RISK.

When you have an edge, and execute it CORRECTLY, you make money on the long run.


And just like the casino owner gets many people to win a lot of money with some spins, you will also have losing trades.

It’s just natural. Part of the process.

And if you keep on trading with your system, regardless of the outcome of your trades, you are making money on the long run.

That is when people sometimes go wrong.

They can’t handle losing trades.

They think their analysis is “perfect” and feel disappointed when their trade idea goes south.

That’s why you should SHIFT your mindset and stop thinking in terms of finding the “perfect system”, or your “perfect trade idea”.

When you are able to approach trading with this “statistical” mindset, you will have the ability to trade EMOTIONLESS (which I will show you how in the next page…).

Most of the “Wannabes” out there get emotional when they lose many trades in a row.

They feel FEAR.


They re-think everything they are doing, and this is where mistakes come along.

And they never seem to get the rewards of a positive edge.

Because they can’t execute their system consistently long enough.

But now, you know better.

If you get a losing streak, so what?

You are making money anyway.

The key is to NOT EXPECT anything, from any particular trade.

They are just another spin in the Roulette. And you are the casino owner making money over and over again.

Now, how to achieve that? How can you avoid being emotional, even while you have positive expectancy making money for you?

That’s what we are about to tackle next.

Now let’s go deep with the 3rd engine, the one that HOLDS the other two…

What makes everything a reality…

The “Mindset Engine”.

Let’s move on.

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