Quicksand to avoid

“But what about the other opportunities? You know, in the 1-Hour chart, 5-minute chart and the like?”

I get this questions on my inbox 100x more times than anything else.

Everyone is deeply WORRIED about MISSING out on SO MANY “opportunities” happening intra-day.

I need to address this VIRUS going on, because this simple idea or “want” people have prevents them to profit from the markets.

Seriously. From EVER making a dime from trading.

Now we are getting “dangerous”.

Listen up. This is VERY important.

Did you ever stop to think about WHY “day-trading” is pushed so hard nowadays, and everyone and his dog says it’s THE way to profit from the markets?

Let me tell you something…

The gurus count on your “dream” to become a day trader, trading the news with 6 monitors in front of you, so they can “sell” you into their method to “get-rich-quick scalping the 5 min chart”.

Or worse, they are partnered up with Retail Forex Brokers to send them “easy-lose-money” clients (more on this in just a bit)!

Do you want a REALITY DOSE all these people around the internet DON’T want you to know?

Now let me ask you a question first. What do you want in trading?

To make consistent returns and income from your account? AND being able to extract money from the markets to support your lifestyle?

… OR to get as many trades as possible?

I ask this because it seems everybody wants to trade the lower time frames (4H chart and below) because they BELIEVE more trades = more money…

Let me show you something.

On the past quarter (Q1 2020 as I am writing this) we saw the WORST performance in world’s history in the markets. The S&P500 went -35% INTO THE RED, along with the worst numbers in the Global Economy.

During that time, I just pulled TWO trades following the “Whale-Trade” Effect.

That’s right.

And I made +25% ROI during this 3 months period…

While ALL the world was losing money left and right, my investors and myself got a nice 25% added to our net worth.

Check it out for yourself (I apply the same trades for all of my accounts, including my investors managed accounts):


During this time most traders I know where busy trading the 5 min chart, waiting for the news releases, glued 8+ hours a day onto their computer watching candlesticks…

The result?

ALL of them lost money

Many of them blowed up whole accounts.

Now may I ask you again, what do YOU want?

The most amount of trades?

OR to add profits to your equity curve, grow it CONSISTENTLY, and generate steady consistent income?

Sadly, these fake gurus are not the only ones counting on you to “day-trade”

Your Broker = Your Friend?

Yeah, if you live in Disneyland.

Retail Forex Brokers ALSO count on you to trade the lower timeframes to make a s#it load of commissions and spreads from you.

Not to mention most of them will take the money you lose also.

That’s right.

The majority of Brokers, count on you to trade the lower timeframes to HUNT your STOP LOSS (and pocket the money).

Think I’m paranoid?

Look at this email I got from a follower of mine…

Here is the picture from his Broker’s MetaTrader 4 platform (top), vs the “real” price feed (bottom):

See that spike? HUGE amount of stop losses HUNTED, and all this losses from traders going to the pockets of “we know who”…

As you see, these brokers create HUGE spikes (60 pips or more) to take out your stop loss and get your money!

If you trade the lower timeframes, your stop loss is VERY close and TIGHT to the surrounding price action…

Thus making it very easy for the broker to make “a illiquidity spike” as they will tell you…

Just ONE MORE REASON to follow the “Whale-Trade” Engine as your core strategic trading methodology… and stay CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE LONG TERM.

When applying my “Engine”, your stop losses will be placed in strategic zones, as a result NO BROKER will ever be able to spike THAT much to take you out and pocket your money.

They can’t. They would be shooting themselves on the foot…

I can’t stress this enough…

The point I want you to see here is that there is a way to trade profitably in-line with the current underlying forces of the FX market.

You can avoid all the dangerous agents trying to make money at the expense of your loss (FAKE gurus, most of the Retail Brokers, etc.), and STOP wasting time looking for “more opportunities” intra-day by following the “Whale-Trade” Engine.

And YES, you WON’T be placing trades every day (or every week)

BUT you will get on super high-quality trades that add up to 12% ROI to your account… with just ONE trade.

So getting “more trades” DOES NOT equal more money.

You’ll have to get over it (if wish to stop burning your hard-earned cash).

By following the “Whale-Trade” Engine, trading the higher timeframes with just 5-15 minutes of your day, checking the daily charts at the NY close, you can execute your trading system without any stress and problems, and grow your account like CRAZY.



Hope everything is starting to “tick” for you.

Now that you understand WHY my “Whale-Trade Engine” outperforms and trumps everything out there (including the fake “day-trading-trap” and your not-so-friendly Broker maneuvers).

We must move on and talk about a CRITICAL engine in your trading system.

The “Expectancy Engine”.

Now it’s getting serious.

Let’s move on…

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