Whale-Trade Engine

WARNING: You are about to get INSIDER information on how the Forex Market actually works. This is information nobody wants you to know (including your average “guru”, retail Forex Brokers, and more).

We are going to get started with my “Trading Methodology” Engine, which I call the “Whale-Trade Engine”.

Now, this is the result of nearly a decade of experience trading forex for myself, for my investors, and mentoring 100’s of students around the world.

Do you know the invisible forces that move the forex market?

The forex market is like a huge, huge ocean.

Think it like the Pacific Ocean + the Atlantic Ocean, multiplied by 10.

The water represents all the money flow in this market.

We are talking about a 5 TRILLION market in DAILY turnover.

The biggest market in the world.

And 90% of the money in this market, is controlled by the big boys.

Think hedge funds, commercial banks, and even central banks.

True “Whales”, moving BILLIONS of dollars at a time.

That’s why THEY control the order flow, and there is NO chance for all of us retail traders to influence price, even if combining all of our positions together…

And these “Whales” represent less than 10% of the overall participants in the market.

So, 90% of the daily volume is controlled by less than 10% of the market participants!



Crazy right?

So, what this participants do?

For various reasons, they move huge volumes of money to appreciate/depreciate the value of currencies.

For example, the US Fed Reserve might sell A LOT of US dollars to lower the value of their currency, to have a better Trade Balance report this quarter.

These are economic reasons.

The point is that when they do this, they create MONSTER Tsunami waves in the Forex ocean, and you probably guessed:

This is the “Whale-Trade” Effect in action!

You might be thinking: “Why is this important? And how do I make money off that?”

I will show you why and how. And make no mistake…

The ONLY way to survive (and profit) is to ride that wave.

"The Higher Time Frame Trend"

Let’s get into real world scenarios of this principle, and HOW the “Whale-Trade Engine” takes advantage of these realities, generating HUGE PROFITS.

Below you will see a HUGE 6-year, long term downtrend.

You will see right there that after a major double-top at the major resistance container area (highlighted in yellow), a HUGE impulsive move down emerged.

The “Whales” placed their positions in with such volume and financial strength they made the CHF/JPY take a dive for 3 years straight, creating a HUGE, unstoppable wave.

The “Whale-Trade” Effect.

This made it clear that BEARS are in control, and a downtrend is a reality.

During this time I knew this force driving the market, and more importantly, the direction it took.

So I didn’t waste my time trying to go long.

I looked for the perfect spots to short this market.

During the time I “surfed” this tsunami, and entered a handful of trades in the Daily chart, which took me 5-15 minutes of my day to watch the markets and take positions accordingly.

You will see right now one of those LIVE trades I recorded, where I placed a short and made a handsome 12% gain on my account, with just ONE trade.

Pay special attention to the “Higher time frame analysis” at work also.

Check it out for yourself:

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Higher time frames trading is something you MUST embrace in order to pull out the best trades, consistently.

THIS is what drives the FX market in the long term, creating this huge unstoppable force, which THEN we spot and position ourselves to profit from it…

And get a MONSTER R.O.I. with just ONE trade, trading 5-15 minutes per day!

Why would I waste trading the lower timeframes, announcements, and all this crap IF I know where the market will (eventually) go?

One big tip for you. This could save you thousands of dollars and years of your time (sure that would be the case for me in the past).

All economic news, announcements, press releases, NFP, interest rate cuts/hikes, and every other economic news you could think of: WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW THE HIGHER TIME FRAME WAVE (trend).

The ONLY place where you will find this kind of valuable information is in the WEEKLY CHART.

THAT’S where you can spot “Whales” moving the market at their own will, and the BIGGEST opportunities to profit from it.

Funny thing is, this is where every single trader is NOT looking. Everyone is too busy trying to scalp 3 pips in the 5 min chart, and at the same time looking for a crossover system in the 1 hour chart…

Everything while spending hours staring at the charts… with a cocktail of fear and greed running though their veins.

There’s a better way my friend.

Let’s go over another example for you to demonstrate this point.

Check out this super strong, 3-Year Long-Term downtrend in the EUR/JPY:

Again, I didn’t waste time on trying to go long, so looking for spots to sell was the plan.

And the result?

I made $1753 in a trade, which took only 4 DAYS from the moment I placed it to where my take-profit got filled.

And all of this was done JUST trading 5-15 minutes per day, trading daily charts!

Check out how I spotted the entry, and my plan to exit with profits:

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This is some POWERFUL stuff.

The Core "A-B-C-D" Pattern

You will also notice I showed you another one of the “ingredients” of the “Whale Trade” Engine being put at work.

This is the “A-B-C-D Pattern”, based on multiple advanced Fibonacci confluence analysis.

If it seems complex, don’t worry.

I will show you EVERYTHING you need in detail (for you to apply and profit), just like I do, in a step-by-step manner later on.

Don’t think for a SECOND that this is how your “average Wannabe” applies the A-B-C-D pattern or Fibonacci levels to trade…

Far from it.

This is just ONE ingredient form the “cocktail”.

We apply this in a certain manner so we can PROFIT when the market is trending up, down or going sideways, ALWAYS following the “Whale-Trade” Effect.

By now you should start to understand HOW and WHY the “Whale-Trade Engine” is superior to everything else you might heard about.

But, we are just getting started.

If this is moving you and bringing you some “AHA” moments, you will be blown away by what I’m going to show you.

And this is EXTREMELY important if you want to grow your account CONSISTENTLY, pulling profits along the way.

Let’s continue…

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